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Genny Lofton


I am very excited to be your child’s teacher this year at Hart Elementary. This will be a year full of rich and rewarding learning experiences for your child.  I will strive to make this year memorable and most of!  My goal is for your child to love coming to school and love learning.  It is my belief that relationships are the key to all areas of our life.  I know that once both you and your child feel comfortable with me, trust me and know I will be your biggest cheerleader, together we can accomplish anything!


A little about me...this will be my 30th year of teaching young friends. After teaching several grades, I found my love when I moved to Kindergarten over 20 years ago.  I grew up and lived most of my life in Louisiana.  I have been in Texas since 2005.  I have a daughter of my own, Mary Kathryn.  She and her husband live in Baton Rouge, LA.  It seems like only yesterday she was starting Kindergarten!! Many years ago I gained an amazing family in love. I now have four additional children--Jonathan, Jennifer, Sarah and Jeffrey--and five precious grands--Christopher, Caleb, Aria, Caroline, and Abigail! I love spending time with my family and friends, college football, great food and pretty much anything that allows me to build relationships and love on people. I never meet a stranger and pretty much spend every day loving the life God has given me!


In closing, I know you are entrusting me with your precious gift and I take that responsibility to heart!  I know that patience and love are behaviors that children learn by watching us—we are the best role models!  I hope to be a positive role model for your child this year in every way!