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Sharon Courtney, Art Teacher


With my emphasis in Art, I feel I can give children the opportunities and experiences that will enable them to understand, record, and interpret new information in a creative way. Art helps children to develop originality and imagination, express ideas, and make aesthetic judgments.

I have the desire for the life long pursuit of knowledge and feel the need to pass on what I learn to help students succeed. I want to inspire students to express and to develop their creativity and problem solving skills to become well–rounded individuals with more than just a practical outlook on life. I wish to make a difference in students’ lives and to improve upon the quality of individual minds that are sent into the world to become our future.

I feel that if I make a difference in a child’s life then my teaching will have been a success. I intend to develop a community of learners that will become productive citizens and responsible members of society by providing the youth of today with the skills needed to succeed and to face the challenges of tomorrow. 

I look forward to teaching and being able to inspire creativity, continue the pursuit of knowledge, and to shape the future. I feel my education and experience has well prepared me for this vital task.