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Tami Mitchell, Nurse

Medication Administration


Prescription: A prescription medication must appear in the original container and be properly labeled by the pharmacy. All prescription medications must each be accompanied with a medication administration form filled out by the parent AND signed by a physician.


Over the counter: the medication must be in the original container with directions on the label. A medication administration form must be filled out and signed by the parent only. One form is required for each medication. HOWEVER, if the OTC medication needs to be given more than 3x a week, the dosage is different than the FDA package instructions, or more than a total of 10 prn doses have been administered, than a physician signature is REQUIRED for the medication to be given in school.


Severe Allergy, Asthma, Diabetes, or Seizures - If your child takes any medications (or has emergency medications) for these conditions. Please contact the nurse as an action plan may be required. Action Plans must be updated and signed each school year by a physician. We will not be able to use the one from last year.


IMPORTANT: NO LOOSE PILLS, TABLETS, OR CAPSULES WILL BE ACCEPTED. For student safety, parents/guardians should transport all medication (controlled and non- controlled) to and from school. Do NOT send medications with students. Controlled medications will be counted upon arrival at the clinic. Documentation of the counts will be made with the parent and nurse.


End of the Year - medications must be picked up at the end of the school year. Medications not picked up will be discarded. If you child has a daily or as needed medication, you must bring in the medication with a new signed medication administration form each school year. We do not keep any medications, forms, or action plans from the previous year.


Parent Meetings


If you would like to discuss your child’s care or medication in detail, please e-mail me to schedule a dedicated time to meet in person or speak on the phone.


Borrowed Clothing


Kids from all grade levels during the school year come to the clinic for a change of clothing from various reasons (falling in mud, bathroom accidents, etc.). We try to loan out clothes when possible. The clinic needs boys and girls clothing in every elementary age, especially pants/shorts/socks as well as clean/unused underwear.


You may want to have your child keep a change of clothes in their backpack if they frequently need a change of clothes or are Kindergarten through 1st grade. In order for us to help other children, please return any borrowed clothing (except underwear) after washing to the clinic.