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Welcome to Hart Music

Thank you for stopping by! I am so excited to be teaching you music at Hart! Virtual @Home learning is in progress and all information will be shared in Seesaw. Reach out should you have any questions about our Music lessons!

School Year 2019-2020:

Hello March 30, 2020 -

If you would like a fun interactive website for extra music this week, check out this cool website:


  1. Before you play with this tool, watch this short video about the artist Vasiliy Kandinksy.
  2. Now open KANDINSKY.
  3. Click on the color wheel to select the color for your paintbrush.
  4. Draw on the screen and listen to the sounds your drawings make - try some long lines and some short ones.
  5. Click the play button to hear your composition. 
  6. Click the undo button if you change your mind.
Hello March 25, 2020 -
Students, if you're looking for a new online learning platform, check this out: PBS online music games
Hello March 24, 2020 - 
All students: A fun resource for making music from home can be found here:
Hello March 23, 2020 -
Click here for a little video for my Hart Music Family! I miss you guys so much!
And if you're looking for a fun website, we have had some fun playing instruments with this website.
Hand washing 101 VIDEO
2019-2020 Grade Level Performance Dates:

November 7 4th Grade Veteran’s Day Show

November 21 1st Grade Program

December 7 Hart Harmony Performance at the Lovejoy ISD Fine Arts Festival

December 17 Talent Show (K-2)

December 18 Talent Show (3-4)

February 6 3rd Grade Program

March 5 2nd Grade Program

April 23 Kindergarten Program

Field Trips:
November 2019, Third Grade trip to the Symphony!!
Hart Harmony Choir WEBSITE
Hart Harmony online registration is closed.


The Lovejoy ISD Children's Choir, directed by the Lovejoy ISD Elementary Music Specialists, is designed to serve the needs of our district’s 4th, 5th and 6th grade students who are committed to a musically exceptional experience.  Auditions will be held on September 10 and 12 for any and all LISD 4th, 5th and 6th grade students interested in participating. Rehearsals are Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 at SCIS. Returning members do not need to audition but DO need to fill out the online registration form:  Visit to access the 2019-2020 LCC Parent Information Packet and online permission form.  Questions can be directed to your child's music specialist Brooke Grall ( or Anne Tracy (

Mrs. Grall
Hello Hart families! I am thrilled to be your music teacher at Hart Elementary. I absolutely love sharing music with children, and I am very excited about the music making we will be doing together this year!